A Meticulous Account of Trump’s Tenure Reads Like a Comic Horror Story

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Researching your District of Columbia Home

Staff regularly offer house history workshops – registration is required. The following guide will help orient you to the resources available on site and online for researching your house history. Historic atlases, or “plat” maps, show the footprints of individual buildings in the city at the time the atlas was published. Information found on plat maps:. Washingtoniana has microfilm of DC building permits issued from via the National Archives.

Permits issued after are housed at D.

This survey is the 28th in a series of surveys dating back to that have been conducted as part of The Washington Post/Kaiser Family.

Date Lab has such a devoted following! What can you tell us about the feature’s history? More recently, we’ve been trying to shake up the process now and then — sending couples out rock climbing or sailing instead of to restaurants; letting daters choose their own match we have two of these experiments coming up ; getting fans to vote for which person we should send out on a date.

And there’s lots of new stuff on the horizon that we’re very excited about. It seems like Date Lab combines the best of online dating with traditional matchmaking. Potential daters fill out an online survey and then real humans — your team — match them up. There’s a back-and-forth discussion between myself and my fellow Date Lab editor, Christina Breda Antoniades. We try to find some common ground for the couple, whether it’s specific interests, or backgrounds, or sense of humor.

I think what makes Date Lab most unique is the fact that these are truly blind dates. Most of the time, you know at least something about the other person — you chatted in a bar briefly, or you’ve seen his online dating profile, or your friend gave you a few details when she set the two of you up.

Young, Conservative and Working for Trump? The Dating Pool Is Small

Often the news reports themselves get confused. The official forecast for the peak bloom period is issued by the National Park Service. It is their horticulturists that look after these remarkable trees. Their predictions are based on a mix of historical data, weather observations and forecasts, long experience in working hands-on with the trees some of the NPS horticulturists are at least second generation cherry blossom carers , and direct observations of a specific group trees.

The first, provisional NPS prediction of the season is generally issued around the beginning of March. They rely heavily on detailed analysis of historical weather data and weather forecasting models.

D.C. resident Tim tweeted that “everything was perfect” between him a girl after going on a dates at a D.C. bar, the Wharf, and Union Market. So.

Janet Cooke entered the acre-square newsroom of The Washington Post wearing a red wool suit and a white silk shirt. It was her first day of work. She was two hours late. It was the third day of , the beginning of a new chapter for this year-old black woman whose upper-middle class parents had sent their daughters to the finest white prep schools but insisted upon living close to their roots in Toledo. As Cooke made her way down the long aisle through the desk pods of the Metro Section, heads turned.

Editors and reporters noted the shortness of her pleated skirt, the apparent self-possession of her gait, the length of her acrylic fingernails.

Washington Has A Shortage Of Single, Educated Men. Could Amazon Fix That?

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A guide to what the peak bloom of Washington DC’s famous cherry blossoms means, the cherry blossom peak bloom prediction fray: the Washington Post’s Capital When they issue their predictions, both groups put forward a date range.

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The fabulist who changed journalism

It is the most widely circulated newspaper within the Washington metropolitan area. The newspaper has won 69 Pulitzer Prizes. In the early s, in the best-known episode in the newspaper’s history, reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein led the American press’s investigation into what became known as the Watergate scandal.

Sari Horwitz, Scott Higham and Sarah Cohen of The Washington Post The D.C. Child Fatality Review Committee – whose three dozen members include But Lattimore pointed to radiology reports dating back to , indicating “a severe.

I’m a recovering control addict. Or as my mother lovingly says, I’m a “control freak. This became excruciatingly obvious when I became a teacher. I spent five years telling year-olds where to sit; what side of the page to write their name; when they could speak; even when they could go to the bathroom. These control issues started to bleed into my personal life.

I would tell friends where to sit when we went to dinner, or remind people not to stand in a doorway. Once I went out for drinks with a guy friend and ended up berating him because he didn’t “follow my expectations” and left me to go hang out with other friends. Now, I can see why he wanted other people’s company. Eventually, I realized that trying to control other people – even if they were mostly children – wasn’t that much fun.

When a student would ask to sharpen their pencil, I would feel irritated that they had to ask me for permission for such a small thing. I started to think that maybe I should leave teaching. I took a job, still in education, managing other people. I tried hard to simply give suggestions and ask: “What do you think is the best way to handle this?

News and Newspapers

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If she had her pick, year-old Morgan Soule would be dating John Mayer. Since that seems unlikely, she’d settle for the next best thing: an.

From its national parks and outdoor adventures to exciting culinary journeys and more, Washington, DC has everything that a couple could want in an excursion. Read on for date suggestions that go beyond the standard fare and add a unique element to your outing. Some of the hippest musical acts around come to Echostage , an immense dancehall that is widely considered one of the best clubs in the country. The venue plays host to rap, hip-hop, dance, electronica and other genres, with nearly every performance featuring an energetic crowd, plenty of grooves and lots of moving and shaking.

The arboretum is also home to the original columns of the U. Capitol building, featured in their own dedicated space and instantly Instagrammable. One of the most romantic spots in DC, the Tidal Basin offers a serene setting unlike any other in the city. Across the water, you can view the beautiful Jefferson Memorial in all its glory, then take a stroll into the famous domed structure. The entire scene is even more romantic once the sun goes down. DC is a hub for international cuisine, meaning your romantic dinner can turn into a globe-trotting excursion.

A Georgian feast awaits at Supra in Shaw, where the khachapuri housemade bread filled with cheese cannot be missed. Ambar in Capitol Hill brings Balkan cuisine to the heart of DC, offering mezze, spreads, flatbreads, meat and poultry and much more.

Washington Post Magazine Icons

The admirers will not make it past the table of contents. Both have won Pulitzer Prizes. The result is a chronological account of the past three years in Washington, based on interviews with more than sources.

Washington women have long complained about a shortage of eligible men to date. Single, educated women who date men face a quandary in the D.C. region. After crunching some numbers, WAMU concluded that sure.

Ally Schweitzer. Job candidates interact with Amazon employees at a job fair in Seattle. More than half of Amazon’s global workforce is male. Could the tech giant’s arrival in Arlington help some local women find dates? Single, educated women who date men face a quandary in the D. There are lots of jobs for them here. But not enough men. For every single, college-educated individuals in the Washington area, women outnumber men And single women with college degrees are coming here at a faster clip than men in the same demographic, census data show.

It’s a regional imbalance that, for straight women, can make dating feel like a maddening game of musical chairs. That’s been the experience of Emily, a Georgetown resident who asked WAMU’s ” What’s With Washington ” series to look into the region’s lopsided gender ratio — and whether the arrival of a major new employer could help correct it. It’s a question worth asking.

How to date like a president